Saturday, February 07, 2009


I now own a iTouch 16GB. I think it is the best MID/web-tablet currently in the market. Being a web-tablet was something which my N82 was failing at miserably. Though it had opera mini and a decent Webkit based browser, it just was not cutting it. But I did not want to get an iPhone because a) Its costly and b) It's costly..

A couple of days back, I read Steve Litchfield's blog on about how he had combined the iTouch with the N82 to get the best of both worlds and that is when I realized that I was doing the same thing. My N82 has a great camera and the iPhone's 2.0 Mpx one does not even stand a chance against it. The iTouch has the best web browsing experience ever on a mobile device. But that again is not the best thing about it.

The best part of the iTouch is an application called NetNewsWire or rather the iphone application for the Newsgator RSS feed reader. It allows you to download RSS feeds to the iphone and then browse them offline. Think of it like a blackberry for RSS feeds. One can add new RSS feeds via the Newsgator website or the Feedgator desktop application. And there's more, the feed read/unread status gets synced between the three platforms.

Using the NetNewsWire application has been great for on-the-go catching up on news. I can now finish off most of my news during the morning commute. This would not have been possible on a EDGE/GPRS based connections. The UI is great to quickly dispatch off a couple hundred unread items and the feed-sync means when I login to my desktop once I reach office, I have the exact read/unread items. The iTouchberry is not only the best web-tablet but when combined with the NetNewsWire iPhone application, the best feed reader.

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