Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I'm a huge twitter fan and it has even replaced Blogger as my prime blogging outlet.

Twitter has an API. The access methods is REST (of which I'm a huge fan) and the data obtained is in XML or JSON format. I'm a JSON newb so I picked the XML methods and came up with a REST based CLI shell for twitter called twitish.

You can download and use twitish. Will also put it up on the twitter wiki.

It's written in Perl and hence you will need that. It runs on Linux and might run on Cygwin and Windows. It also needs the following perl modules.

You can install the above modules using CPAN or from your Linux distro's repositories. The XML::Liberal is a very rarely used module in distro's so you might need to compile it.

Once you have those modules installed, you can start interacting with Twitter through the command line shell. It supports only three commands.

  • post will post a message to twitter. Something like "post Hi from twitish" will post "Hi from twitish" to your twitter-stream.
  • updates will print the last 10 updates made my you and your friends.
  • public will print the last 10 updates made by the general Twitter junta aka the Public Timeline.

Will add mode functionality soon. Also you will need to change some code in the twitish.pl file. Just replace "XXXXXX" with your username(e-mail) and "YYYYYY" with your password.

Have fun and do drop in your comments.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

IJCAI 2007

I was in Hyderabad the whole of last week attending the 20th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence or IJCAI-07 in short. This was perhaps the biggest conference held in India which I've attended, but I've also not attended many conferences.

I restricted myself to only Machine Learning and Data Mining talks and some of them were really interesting. Was able to take-away a lot from the papers presented at the conference. The Tutorials and the Workshops were the best part of the conference as that's where most of the learning was done. I did go into uncharted territory once with "Intelligent Agents" , just to learn something new. The presenter , Hiranmay Ghosh from TCS did an excellent job of introducing Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems in about 3 hours.

Lot's of new idea's to take away from the conference and met a bunch of exciting people from academia who were surprised to see people from the IT industry interested in A.I. Photos are up on flickr.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogger Custom Domains

I'm now using Blogger's Custom Domain service to map my domain 'toufeeq.net' with my blogspot blog. If you are a Blogger-user you can make use of it too.


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