Thursday, November 02, 2006

Partitioning Woes

Why is it that every time I touch the partitioning on my PC, Windows plays havoc with my existing partitions. I had a 5GB partition on which I used to run NetBSD. For some reason I needed to recover that disk space back, as I was rarely using NetBSD anymore. So I decided to convert it into a FAT32 partition as I don't trust NTFS at all and frankly think it's overrated. So I fire up GParted and try to convert the UFS partition to FAT32.

Hard luck! The 'fat32' option for creating a new partition was disabled. After fiddling around with it for some time (loading/unloading kernel modules) I gave up and decided to use Windows' inbuilt partitioning program. This one is hidden and can be found under My Computer(right-click) > Manage > Disk Management. After the partition program went about creating the partition, I decided to reboot to Linux.

Hard Luck 2.0! Windows managed to corrupt the grub bootloader. Worse Windows did not even boot! It complained that the system32.dll was not found and my installation was corrupt and I should re-install. So, I was struck with two problems at hand. Get grub back (the easy one) and fixing the Windows installation.

Getting grub back was easy. Just booted with a Knoppix CD , mounted my root partition and and did a grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/hda2 /dev/hda. Here /mnt/hda2 was my root Linux partition mounted under Knoppix. Getting Windows back to work was slightly tricky, I had to boot from the Win XP Installer CD, go into recovery mode and do the following.

  • Attrib -R boot.ini
  • Attrib -H boot.ini
  • Attrib -S boot.ini (For some strange reason Attrib -RHS didn't work!)
  • Bootcfg /Rebuild
  • Fixboot

The basic problem was that due to the new partition, the partition numbering had changed and everything had to be re-configured.

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At 3:32 PM, November 02, 2006, Blogger Abishek Goda said...

So, this happens to every one. I always thought these things happen only on my machine!

At 12:25 PM, November 10, 2006, Blogger Veda said...

Ha ha!


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