Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Audioslave Revelations

Following up to 'Out of Exile' would be an easy task for hard-rock's supergroup Audioslave and they seem to have done a good job of it. Here are the best tracks from their new album Revelations.


  • Revelations
  • Sound of a Gun
  • Until We Fall
  • Original Fire
  • Wide Awake
  • Moth

Weakpoints : The lyrics are not as good as the first album or even 'Out of Exile'. Some songs like 'Jewel of the Summertime' have overdone chorus parts with Chris Cornell just plain shouting and trying to sound loud and angry. Tom Morello takes the back seat and his trademark guitar solo's are missing, the only saving grace is 'One and the Same' which has the rare riff from Tom. Cornell's voice seems to have lost that icy smoothness which was evident in 'Like a Stone' and 'Heaven's Dead' and gained a lot of "force". Rock-ballads are missing in this album.

Strengths : It's LOUD!. There's more variety in this album, genre's range from grunge-rock to R&B to Disco and all the times making sure they have a hard-rock touch to it.

Rocktivism : I loved the music of 'Rage Against the Machine' and their politically charged songs like 'Killing in the name of' and 'Sleep now in the Fire' which are masterpieces in the power-metal/rock-rap genre. It was sad to hear that when Audioslave was formed the band was going to give up on their previous politically charged lyrics and instead concentrate on music. With 'Revelations' the formaer-RATM members seem to be back with political activism and it's evident from song's such as 'Sound of a Gun', 'Original Fire' and 'Wide Awake'. Either the band's ideology seems to have changed (for the better) or these are just antics to cash in on Republican-bashing. I really hope it's the former. You can read more about RATM's political activism on the Wikipedia article about the band (NSFW).

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