Sunday, July 23, 2006

Silent Hill - The Movie

Watched Silent Hill-the movie yesterday. Being a big fan of this playstation game I was very much interested in seeing how well they had adapted the game to the big-screen. I played the original Silent Hill for the Playstation when it came out and I have to say it's one of the scariest games I have ever played. The movie does not stray away from the game either. The familiar street-fog is present everywhere and if you are a SH player then you will get nostalgic when you see the familiar street names and the famous landmarks of Silent Hill re-created in the movie. Seeing the red-bridge brought back old memories. There was this one part in the game wherein when you start on one side of the bridge the town is normal, and as you start running and coming towards the other end of the bridge the city is transformed to the dark-side. Though that particular moment is not present in the movie, seeing the bridge brought back the old chill in the spine.

The other good part about the movies are the evil characters, though the story is based on the first version of the game, the enemies are taken from Silent 2 and 3 which came out for the Playstation 2. This is an excellent decision, the enemeies of SH1 were "weak" and their scare-factor was almost negligible. The best of the baddies is "Pyramid-head", this guy is basically a 7 foot man with a steel pyramid over his face and a 10 foot blade in his hand. Totally awesome!

The story is based on the Gillespie family tragedy (again SH1 based) and officer Cybil Bennet is also present in the movie. Some scenes are lifted directly from the game, for example: the first horror scene where the protagonist is attacked by zombie-children and is rendered unconsious and when he wakes up, the radio is playing. The "enemy prespective" technique of saying that there's "someone watching you" is also taken from the game. What is lacking are the puzzles, I would have liked it if there were more puzzles in the movie. There is one but there's not much mystery to it and it gets over as soon as it begins. The OST has also taken a lot from the game.

All in all, an excellent adaption of the first game of the Silent Hill series, though the storyline is changed immensely, it is all for the better. The SH1 plot was too straight-forward and was heavily occult and daemon-worship based. This one is less occult based and you don't see samael or any such daemon in the movie. I have no idea why Sean Bean was cast in this movie though. All in all, a great saturday night horror movie.

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