Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shooting yourself in the foot

Picked up from file:///usr/share/doc/pugs-doc/other/shot_in_the_foot

Perl 5:
(from )

There are so many ways to shoot yourself in the foot that you post a query to comp.lang.perl.misc to determine the optimal approach. After sifting through 500 replies (which you accomplish with a short perl script), not to mention the cross-posts to the perl5-porters mailing list (for which you upgraded your first sifter into a package, which of course you uploaded to CPAN for others who might have a similar problem, which, of course, is the problem of sorting out email and news, not the problem of shooting yourself in the foot), you set to the task of simply and elegantly shooting yourself in the foot, until you discover that, while it works fine in most cases, NT, VMS, and various flavors of Linux, AIX, and Irix all shoot you in the foot sooner than your perl script could. Then you decide you can do it better with the new, threaded version...

(from [2])

All you have to do is calculate the value of the shoot function on foot. (You did define shoot, didn't you?)

Perl 6:

You pick up an object which assures you it provides the function of a gun. You load the gun with something that functions like a bullet, but are not sure whether you actually loaded it or whether it will load itself when you try to use it or check the chamber. You point and fire the gun at your foot, or something which functions like a foot, but because you did not specify which foot, the interpreter fires the bullet in each of two parallel universes. You are not sure whether or not you hit your foot, or indeed which foot you fired at, but you decide that you don't currently care. You carry on doing something else and forget what happened. Later, when you go to get a bite to eat, or at least find something which provides the function of being bitten for the sake of nutrition, you notice a parrot grab the gun, load it, and shoot you in both feet - both hit the mark, but only one leaves a bullet wound because the operation was atomic.

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