Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rhythmbox Love

I <3 Rhythmbox. It fits in nicely into my GNOME desktop. However I would like to see one change. I use Rhythmbox as the default 'Music player' in GNOME, meaning, whenever I double-click on a .mp3 or .ogg file it opens up in Rhythmbox, however while opening the file it also adds that file to the library. This is nice if I need that file to reside in my library but if it's a one minute sound clip and it shows up in my library , it irks me. What we should have in rhythmbox is a command line option , something in the line of --view which will take the values 'normal' for the normal view, 'party' for the fullscreen view and 'small' for the small view (duh!).

So, how will this work out ? When I open a music file by double-clicking in Nautilus, I intend to open it by passing the '--view small' commandline parameter, so that the player opens in 'small' mode ; plays the file and quits. This will also involve another command line option which will be --play-file-and-quit which will play the file and quit. So, I'm now trying to get my hands dirty with Rhythmbox code. Let's see how it works out. Will post later on how stuff works out.
So, something like rhythmbox --view small --play-file-and-quit foo.mp3 would be great.

I'll try and post this suggestion to the Rhythmbox mailing list. Expecting to be flamed :P
Comments welcome...

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