Monday, July 17, 2006

Links for the Day - July 17

A collection of cool and must-read links:

  • Is Perl Dying ? - PerlMonks has a good discussion-article. [link]
  • A 70's review of the CRAY-1. [link]
  • Dual Processor vs Dual Core [link]
  • Which is Hotter ? Dell or Apple [link]
  • Linus on dropping from the elite A-list of "Men who matter in technology". [link]
  • Chris Pirillo on Links. [link]
  • Firefox now allows you to spam your friends. [link]
  • How to be an elite otaku. [link]
  • Tin-foil hat Linux. [link]
  • Generate info about your Flickr photostream using FlickrInspector. [link]. Here's mine:
    toufeeq's flickr score: 1205
  • Ars on the Core 2 Duo CPU's. [link]
  • Digg Digging Diggs Digg. [link]
  • Debian - Copying and ripping DVD's tutorial. [link]
  • Debian - Multimedia Tutorial. [link]

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At 5:38 PM, July 17, 2006, Anonymous activity said...


Watch out for the upcoming E61 road test :)



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