Friday, July 21, 2006


Hoo Haa!!! everyone is going gaa-gaa over the Blogspot/Typepad/Geocities ban. If you are late to the party you can still catch up with the Blogosphere by spending 20 minutes and listening to this podcast.

If your ISP is blocking any of the blogs/domain then use this cross-platform software called Your-Freedom to access those sites. Enjoy!

Oh yes, you will need to sign-up at the web-site, and download the java archive file and run it using Sun's JVM (on Linux), but it's an easy procedure and should not be much of a problem. For Windows guys you have an installer.

Oh and btw, here is the scanned version of the document which was circulated to all the ISP's. You can see the doc, try to figure out the websites listed there, use Your-freedom and access the websites in question.

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