Sunday, June 11, 2006

Web-Marker 0.1

Sometime back Nata and me released a mozilla firefox extension called liveurls which allowed a user to create links out of normal textual web-content. We received a lot of feedback from the Firefox community and users. We took all that feedback and pondered for a few days on how to improve the extension. Some points which came up during the feedback phase were.

  • Ability to highlight and bookmark content so that when a user revists the page the next time the "state" of the web-page is retained and the user is able to identify which is the important content he had earlier marked through highlights.
  • Ability to highlight multiple sections of a webpage.
  • Ability to navigate between multiple highlights.
  • Ability to clear a highlight without reloading the page.

All of the above are really good feature-adds to the liveurls extension. So, announcing now, the next avatar of the liveurls extension.. WEB-MARKER. We demoed web-marker at the WWW2006 conference and got some really great feedback. We have been spending the last week ironing out bugs and making it release-ready. It's now finally here and available through Mozilla Addons at this page. Go ahead install it, play with it and drop in your feedback. Also,remember to uninstall the old liveurls extension before installing web-marker. Liveurls development will be discontinued.

Oh! another thing, if you find web-marker useful(or useless) drop in a rating for the extension at the web-marker homepage.

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