Sunday, June 11, 2006

Microsoft and it's people

There are two faces of Microsoft, one is the corporate one which tries to fool people through it's PR. (read this on why it's bad) The other is the people face who are similar to the hackers of the FOSS world, i.e there are some interesting people in MS which everyone in the computing world respects.

Dave Cutler is one among them, so are Kim Cameron and Ray Ozzie. I'm sure there are many, like the people who work on the .Net development team ,who write the world's most famous development platform and the same people who work closely with the mono team on the ECMA standards. It's these people whom I root for, not because they help a multi-million behemoth sell millions of dollars worth of software packaged in cardboard boxes but because these are the same people who make sure that technology prevails at all costs, even if it's proprietary technology. Proprietary software and free-software will always have to co-exist, I don't think we can discount that fact, sure the percentage-numbers might change but both have their place in the computing world.

Coming to the point, Robert Scoble was one such guy whom I was beginning to respect as a Micosoft employee, an uber-celebrity in the blogging world and a person who was entrusted with the responsibility of hand-holding MS as it entered the Web 2.0 paradigm. The Econoimist once termed him Microsoft's Chief Humanising Officer. Through his blog Scobelizer , he managed to reach millions of people not as a MS PR guy but as a normal g33k talking about the cool stuff his employer was upto. Well, all was going well until when Robert Scoble decided to leave MSFT for . It happens very rarely when one person manages to change the outlook of a whole organization with his honest criticism and it's much more rarer that such an initiative continues to last forever. In Scoble's case it lasted for a few years and during that time he managed to tell the online world that MS was, something more than a laptop trotting marketing organization out to get your money.

On why Scoble left MS, Dave Winer has an interesting take through this blog-entry. But I guess it's better to read the official announcement from the man himself.

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