Monday, June 05, 2006

Diaper Drake's

NOTE: This is not a review. These are just my views based on "reviews" from friends and other community members.

So Diaper(Dapper) Drake is making a lot of noise in the FOSS world since it got released on June 1. Lot of people have migrated over from Fedora Core ,Mandrake and Gentoo and they seem to be loving it. Me ? NO!, I'll be sticking with Ye Old Swirl. That baby has a lot of juice still left in it.

Back to Diaper(oops Dapper), this looks pretty solid for a server release. The first line of the server page tells the reader that Ubuntu is sticking deep to it's roots (which is good). Next there's the presence of the one-click-LAMP-Server installation (eeks!), which installs a full blown LAMP server and there's the minimal installation, which just just installs the core packages. The minimal install seems to be called a "server" install but amusingly doesn't install any "server" packages. A little confusing for normal users but old school debian admins will get the logic behind the naming. ;)

They still seem to be sticking with the whole non-root thingy and requires all apt based functionality to be 'sudo-ed'. Not sure if the minimal install process has a root account. Makes sense for linux newbies but that's a turn off for me. I know when to use root and when not to.

The Desktop users seems to be quite gung-ho about this release but I see no reason how it's different from Breezy. There seems to be a better(GUI) installer but an installer is no more an issue for desktop-linux, nor is the LTS thingy a major reason for desktop users to move from Breezy. If you are a desktop user you will want the latest software as fast as possible not bug fixes for ancient gnome packages. On the whole, there's no major reason why a bleeding edge linux desktop user should migrate to Dapper apart from the latest (and greatest) versions of GNOME and kernel. The enterprise-desktop users, OTOH would be interested. Kubuntu seems to be the latest official release for the Kuser's and there's even Xubuntu for the xfce-loving , PII hugging folk.

On the whole, a great release from the Ubuntu team, solid, solid, solid release but not enough in terms of new ground breaking features to migrate old-school desktop linux users to Ubuntu. The server and the enterprise market should have a look and will be interested. Me ? , I'll wait for the next Ubuntu release, Edgy Eft, the bleeding edge itchy one.

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At 7:13 PM, June 08, 2006, Blogger Marc said...

Ubuntu is great and Dapper Drake makes it even better!

I upgraded to Dapper and was pleasantly surprised to find that my system is much more responsive than with Breezy. Firefox seems especially snappier. I really like the new GNOME deskbar applet too.

So the upgrade was worth it to me.

If you want to be root for a while, just do "sudo bash".



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