Tuesday, May 02, 2006

r2 turns 1

My Sony PSP which I've named r2d2 is almost a year old. It's a 1.5 firmware PSP which means it allows all homebrew apps (and ISO backups) to runs on it. The asking price for a 1.5 firmware PSP on EBay seems to be anywhere from $200 to $230 and that too old ones. Looks like I have some "treasure" in my hands currently. Now to see what will be the price of a 1.5 PSP next year at around the same time. And here's also hoping that by next year the homebrew can also be run natively on 2.5+ firmware based PSP. Though I rarely use the Wi-Fi on it, it will be good to know that I can use it if need arises and not have to compromise on homebrew.


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