Thursday, May 04, 2006

Links of the Day - May 4 2006

Here's something new I'm trying out. Stuff which caught my attention for the day. :-)

1. Yahoo! seems to be using microformats for all their product reviews on Yahoo! Tech which is really kick-ass. The product reviews seem to using the hReview microformat.

2. Apple seems to have a new ad campaingn glorifying Macs over PC's. Too bad, I might never convert. Well there's always hope.

3. Sun's ZFS seems to be making a lot of noise in the Mac circles. Here's an article on how to use ZFS on a home desktop PC. There's also an online ZFS demo (flash). [Download link]. The demo shows creation of 100 filesystems in 20 seconds!

4. There are plans to make Etch ship-shape and stable by December 2006.


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