Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back in Chennai

Back from Edinburgh after attending the WWW2006 conference. Was there to present a poster. First set of photos are up.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Ditching gnome-terminal

  • Are you a terminal junkie who still has to use the GUI as you can't live without Firefox ?
  • Are you a a GNOME fan-boi ?
  • Are you tired of the gnome-terminal bloat when you have multiple tabs open ? Are you considering moving to KDE's Konsole because gnome-terminal puts you off ?
Have no fear, mrxvt is here! It's basically a gtk-1 version of gnome-terminal/Konsole with the same familiar keybindings which you've grown used to gnome-terminal.
According to the benchmarks in this article by Davyd (a GNOME dev) , mrxvt even blows away the new gnome-terminal of GNOME 2.14.

According to the above linked article the time taken to output all the words in the dict file through the following command is:
$ time cat /usr/share/dict/words

gnome-terminal 2.14 : 1.0 s

gnome-terminal 2.12 : 3.1 s

xterm : 4.3 s

Here are the timing results for mrxvt.

$ time cat /usr/share/dict/words

real 0m0.274s

user 0m0.001s

sys 0m0.088s

The vanilla installation of mrxvt is boring. You might want to use this .mrxvtrc. The only compromise with mrxvt is that since it's gtk-1 based you might have some quirks as it doesn't quite integrate well with a purely gtk-2 theme based GNOME desktop environment (such as mine).
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I'm Sold! Engadget/Joystiq have an excellent coverage article of Sony's E3 press conference.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Latest craze on the web, sharing your OPML files.

Dave Winer's pet project "Share your OPML" launched and has been well received. (For those new to OPML)

I've been a big supporter of sharing OPML feeds for a long time now and this new idea is trully one in the right direction. As netvibes doesn't provide an opml-export option I'll have to submit one of my old OPML files which I managed to pull off liferea. You can take a look at my shared OPML file here(rather old one).

The other interesting feature is that Share-OPML let's you see who else has also subscribed to your feeds. Another neat feature is the feed-rankings page which shows which RSS feed is subscribed to the most. One can pick up a few good feeds from there. Another cool one is the most prolific subscribers page , people who live,breathe and crunch RSS feeds. As expected, Chris Pirillo is numero uno.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Links of the Day - May 4 2006

Here's something new I'm trying out. Stuff which caught my attention for the day. :-)

1. Yahoo! seems to be using microformats for all their product reviews on Yahoo! Tech which is really kick-ass. The product reviews seem to using the hReview microformat.

2. Apple seems to have a new ad campaingn glorifying Macs over PC's. Too bad, I might never convert. Well there's always hope.

3. Sun's ZFS seems to be making a lot of noise in the Mac circles. Here's an article on how to use ZFS on a home desktop PC. There's also an online ZFS demo (flash). [Download link]. The demo shows creation of 100 filesystems in 20 seconds!

4. There are plans to make Etch ship-shape and stable by December 2006.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Submitting bugs for GMail ?

Is it possible ? There seems to be a google-group for it. But I need some sort of Bugzilla like interface where I know my issues are taken into consideration.

Spent the evening submitting bug reports for Debian unstable.


Submitting these bugs reminded me of a nasty bug I seem to hitting with Gmail. On Firefox, when I compose the mail and attach a file to the mail, I get a "Cannot connect to GMail.." error. Removing the file seems to work. Either something is happening at the proxy server on my side or GMail's beta tag is justified.

Other's seem to be facing the same problems too. Hope it get's sorted out soon, it's getting on my nerves.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

r2 turns 1

My Sony PSP which I've named r2d2 is almost a year old. It's a 1.5 firmware PSP which means it allows all homebrew apps (and ISO backups) to runs on it. The asking price for a 1.5 firmware PSP on EBay seems to be anywhere from $200 to $230 and that too old ones. Looks like I have some "treasure" in my hands currently. Now to see what will be the price of a 1.5 PSP next year at around the same time. And here's also hoping that by next year the homebrew can also be run natively on 2.5+ firmware based PSP. Though I rarely use the Wi-Fi on it, it will be good to know that I can use it if need arises and not have to compromise on homebrew.

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