Saturday, April 22, 2006

LiveURL's - my best hack till date Part II

knutties has already written Part I of the LiveURL's story so I'll not be repeating that here.What I will be focussing on in this post is the feedback received on LiveURL's and the future direction of the project.

The Release:
The release was poor. This was the first time we had submitted code to and we made a mess of it.We forgot to enter a proper description text about the URL. People who came to the website were left guessing as to what the extension did. Some rather negative comments which were posted on the day of the extension release would have made early-adopters leave the extension page in a hurry. But considering that the extension has been downloaded 1100 times in 3 days we think it's a good start.

Lesson learnt:
No matter how cool the technology if you don't describe your product properly it will fail

The best part has been the feedback from peers. Getting some good feedback from people like sunson and nearfar is really satisfying. Also managed to get some feedback off IRC today. Feedback on was lukewarm but the folks did give us something to think about on how this can be extended to the existing bookmarks section of Firefox.Here's a cool idea which Mike Beltzner gave.

Lesson learnt:
Open discussion is good.

Future Plans
  1. Multiple content representation : Extending LiveURL's to indicate multiple selections would really be a good feature add.
  2. Centralization : nearfar really believes that a centralized system wherein users needn't install any extensions/software on their PC to enable LiveURL's would be good. A webservice which incorporates a service like + liveurl like capabilities would help. People just need to upload content to the site and they will get a URL which can be used by a browser which does not have any extension/software installed.
  3. Annotations : We really feel annotations are the way to go when it comes to collaborative content sharing. A service like Annozilla modified to have a LiveURL for every annotation would be good to have.
  4. Bugs: Writing a solution to encompass the trillions of webpages available is next to impossible, so as and when we come across a website wherein LiveURL's fail we need to fix it.
All in all, LiveURL's 0.2 should be a good update.Watch out for it. :-)


At 7:57 AM, April 25, 2006, Blogger RamantheB said...

I linked to your extension from my blog, maybe you can get some more people to come in.

On another note, the links section of your blog is very disorganised and difficuilt to read. I know theres a ton of cool stuff in there, but you might want to reconsider the way you organise your information

At 10:06 AM, April 25, 2006, Blogger Toufeeq said...

I know da.I need to clean up the links section. Site takes a too long to load.

At 10:42 AM, April 25, 2006, Blogger Toufeeq said...

Cleaned up. :-)


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