Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Theo does it again..

Newsforge has an interview with Theo,the lead developer/leader of the OpenBSD project. An excerpt:
NF: Lots of hardware vendors use OpenSSH. Have you got anything back from them?
TdR: If I add up everything we have ever gotten in exchange for our efforts with OpenSSH, it might amount to $1,000. This all came from individuals. For our work on OpenSSH, companies using OpenSSH have never given us a cent. What about companies that incorporate OpenSSH directly into their products, saving themselves millions of dollars? Companies such as Cisco, Sun, SGI, HP, IBM, Siemens, a raft of medium-sized firewall companies -- we have not received a cent. Or from Linux vendors? Not a cent.
Of course we did not set out to create OpenSSH for the money -- we purposely made it completely free so that the "telnet infrastructure" of the 1980s would die. But it sure is sad that none of these companies return even a fraction of value in kind.
If you want to judge any entity particularly harshly, judge Sun. Yearly they hold interoperability events, for NFS and other protocols, and they include SSH implementation tests as well. Twice we asked them to cover the travel and accommodation costs for a developer to come to their event, and they refused. Considering that their SunSSH is directly based on our code, that is just flat out insulting. Shame on you Sun, shame, shame, shame.
I will say it here -- if an OpenSSH hole is found that applies to SunSSH, Sun will not be informed. Or maybe that has happened already.


At 4:52 PM, March 29, 2006, Anonymous Vamsee said...

Holy cow. Those are some strong words. Maybe Sun deserves it. It's really sad that people don't support the free software that they make money out of. I think I'm gonna ask my cousin to buy a t-shirt for me when he comes back. I love & use OpenSSH heavily.

At 5:06 PM, March 29, 2006, Blogger Toufeeq said...

This happens a lot in the BSD world.Only thing is you don't see the other BSD's cribbing.FBSD is heavily backed by academia,NBSD is heavily backed by small-time embedded developers and telecom majors like Juniper Networks etc.

OBSD's flagship product is OpenSSH which is indespensible in the FOSS world,even writing an alternate is not possible.Theo crib's on SUN only because SUN keeps proclaiming it's FOSS friendly when actually their business is not.


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