Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blizzard of FUD


Got to meet Chris Blizzard of RedHat on Tuesday. He dropped in with Greg DeKoenigsberg,Community Relations Manager for RedHat(PR guy).I've not touched RedHat for the last 3 years but I really adore the guys working at RedHat so it was nice to meet cool hackers.Chris gave an update on XGL and how it will change the future linux desktop.Great stuff! Hope the stuff makes it's way into FC6.Sad to know that Owen Taylor has stopped working on Project Luminosity but I'm sure that most of the stuff from Luminosity would have made it's way into Pango/Cairo.Blizzard recently blogged about his India visit.You can read it here. 

Oh, and speaking of XGL, have a look at some of the cool videos that have been put up at YouTube under 'xgl', most of the stuff is from the recent Developers conference where Novell announced it's work on XGL. 


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