Sunday, January 29, 2006

Palm Lifedrive: DITCHED!

A couple of days back I was reading glorious reviews of the Palm Lifedrive and had almost made up my mind on it and had finalised a date on getting one.It had everything I was looking for in a PMP, enough music storage space which can last for a week,a portable storage solution, a device which can be used to read documents and PDF's, had Wi-Fi and bluetooth so that I can get on the internet with either an open hotspot or using my mobile phone and the best part about it was that the LD runs Linux! I usually _have_to_ read every single review available on the internet of a product and only after I'm convinced will I go in and get the product.I had gone from the "pretend-geek" reviews of PC Mag/CNet to the hardcore mobile-review/bargain-PDA reviews of the LD and each of them pretty much convinced me. Then, the curse struck! It struck me in the form of the PalmInfoCenter's LifeDrive review.The review praised the LD and glorified it as the PDA/PMP for ever true-blue geek.After reading the review and scrolling down to the last few lines I came across the comments system.Here I have to say that PalmInfoCenter is _the_ Palm fanboy site.Six full pages of comments later the fanboys had changed my perception of the Lifedrive. What I had considered the best PDA/PMP available in the market was actually bulky ,slow and buggy.The main reason why the LD is now a turnoff is because of the "disk-ram".The LD uses 64M of HDD space for it's cache where it stores the program's data cache.Most application data cache implementations exist in Flash RAM, the disk-ram implementation of the LD is unacceptable.Each time you launch an application it takes around 2-5 seconds to start up, unacceptable for a Palm PDA. The most honest "review" I found was one done by Micheal Mace where he calls the LifeDrive a 'eierlegende Wollmilchsau' a.k.a 'egg-laying woolly milk pig'. Thanks to all the all the folks at PIC for the thruth.Not one review on the internet for the Lifedrive is a honest one(including PIC's).The comments and the forums on PIC are great and have some old Palm loyalists who stop at nothing to callout a foul when it happens.


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