Saturday, January 28, 2006

How a blog grew into a one-stop-for-everything

Almost everyone who has an interest in gadgets and gizmo's knows and has been to Engadget. Well engadget started off as a blog and as more people "joined" in to contribute news snippets,Peter Rojas added more people as blog-editor's and section editor's.Today Engadget is way way ahead of sites life which, at one point was the one-stop for all tech related news.In fact the CES 2006 coverage of Engadget is the best out there The death of the 800lb gorilla. A similar thing is happening in the realm of computer games.A couple of years back gamespot and gamespy were the gorilla's feeding on most of the advert revenue.Today it's Joystiq.And, best part is, Joystiq is a sister-website of Engadget and both are funded by AOL. When I got my PSP in May 2005,the only sites for news were Gamespot and Gamespy, they were the ones who carried the major announcements and the game release/reviews/previews. Around June-July, I was introduced to a barrage of PSP news/fan-sites. PSP-Hacks,PSP-Hacker(now PSPUpdates). PSPUpdates today has become the Engadget of PSP news.Not only news, it now boasts of PSP File Hosting, A developer forum and subscriptions.It today is the 800-lb gorilla for the PSP.It all started as a "blog". Long live the gorilla killers!


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