Friday, January 20, 2006

A day with a millionaire

Friday 20, Mark Shuttleworth visited Infosys.Cool.

Started off as a normal day, munched through e-mails,started my music player and then I realised I had to meet a millionaire today.Off I ran to meet Mark Shuttleworth from HBD Venture Capital.

Mark created what's getting to be the best Desktop Linux Distribution available.Mahendra and NK where there too.Had a FOSS discussion,lunch, a tour of the InfyLUG lab and finally took Mark to meet the SetLabs' Xen HPC/Virtualization team.We sat down and discussed how InfyLUG uses Debian on it's servers and how we are eagerly awaiting the release of Ubuntu Server. Also got to meet Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical Ltd, the company behind Ubuntu Linux.I just had to congratulate her on their excellent 'Shipit' programme, has certainly helped FOSS in India a lot.

Keep up the great work,You guys rock!

You can find more photos here.


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