Sunday, January 15, 2006


What's that title you ask ? Well I wanted to put in a blog entry, so I was thinking of what's going on in the past few days and wanted to come up with a good Title.Then I remembered that I needed to talk about a lot of stuff and couldn't categorize it into any "Section".Hence the "..." EP9312 Lot of interesting stuff happening on the ARM board.I managed to get OPIE working after fixing the touchscreen bug.OPIE really is beautiful.It's a clone of Qtopia from Trolltech but fully GPL'ed and beautiful.It's amazing to see such applications run on the framebuffer.And using the touchscreen rocks. Hard-Disk woes Struggled with an antique 10 GB HDD yesterday.Creating a new partition on the disk and then trying to mount it failed with an '/dev/hdX is already mounted or /mnt/disk is busy' error.Could'nt figure it out till the end.Neither could any of my friends from ILUGC ;) It ended well in the end and I managed to get Debian to load on the ARM board.Yes! Debian even runs on ARM. W00t! Last week was Satty's B'day.Happy Birthday Satty!


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