Monday, January 30, 2006


After months of fighting with the Sony Ericsson Update Service I finally managed to get it to upgrade my k750's firmware.Let's see if I get a completely bug-free phone after this upgrade.

SE rocks when it comes to making phones but sucks when it comes to making PC Software for it's phones.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Why I might never buy an Apple Product

There have been many instances in the near past where in I wanted to bite my tongue and go get an Apple product.It started with the iMac mini when it was first released, the Ipod nano when it released and now finally the Mac BookPro.All of them are great products, great hardware and some great design but I could never take that final decision.Why ? Mac fanboy's might say I'm "one-of-them", a Win-tel/Lin-tel guy with no taste.A guy who can't be compared to artists, a joe, a lamer, a loser. :) Then it struck me why I could never buy an Apple product.I was listening to a Dave Winer PBS interview and in this interview he was talking about his feelings on Microsoft/Apple and Jobs and Gates.The tranmscript is here. In this interview Dave summarizes it beautifully about the whole Apple "spirit".
Apple actually does work, okay? It's the exception to the rule. It is the you sit at his feet and you receive the word of God. Okay. I personally can't stomach that. I cannot sit in a goddamn room with Steve Jobs doing that. I wanna puke, you know?
I think it's true.All Apple products have the Jobs stamp on it.Apple makes what products through Jobs' eyes.He is GOD for Apple.He says "Be" and it is. I dont't want to be a part of (t)his "world".I'll create my own.It might not me milky white and artistic as Jobs' but it will be mine.It's better(and more fun) carving out your path than having own laid out to you.Sure, I might get a MacBookPro(name sucks,I dont think Jobs named it) in the future but I'm not running Mac OS X on it. Thank you Dave Winer.You helped me pinpoint exactly why I could never love Apple.I have nothing against them,they make great hardware and software(best desktop stuff) but sorry you guys cannot control my digital life.

Palm Lifedrive: DITCHED!

A couple of days back I was reading glorious reviews of the Palm Lifedrive and had almost made up my mind on it and had finalised a date on getting one.It had everything I was looking for in a PMP, enough music storage space which can last for a week,a portable storage solution, a device which can be used to read documents and PDF's, had Wi-Fi and bluetooth so that I can get on the internet with either an open hotspot or using my mobile phone and the best part about it was that the LD runs Linux! I usually _have_to_ read every single review available on the internet of a product and only after I'm convinced will I go in and get the product.I had gone from the "pretend-geek" reviews of PC Mag/CNet to the hardcore mobile-review/bargain-PDA reviews of the LD and each of them pretty much convinced me. Then, the curse struck! It struck me in the form of the PalmInfoCenter's LifeDrive review.The review praised the LD and glorified it as the PDA/PMP for ever true-blue geek.After reading the review and scrolling down to the last few lines I came across the comments system.Here I have to say that PalmInfoCenter is _the_ Palm fanboy site.Six full pages of comments later the fanboys had changed my perception of the Lifedrive. What I had considered the best PDA/PMP available in the market was actually bulky ,slow and buggy.The main reason why the LD is now a turnoff is because of the "disk-ram".The LD uses 64M of HDD space for it's cache where it stores the program's data cache.Most application data cache implementations exist in Flash RAM, the disk-ram implementation of the LD is unacceptable.Each time you launch an application it takes around 2-5 seconds to start up, unacceptable for a Palm PDA. The most honest "review" I found was one done by Micheal Mace where he calls the LifeDrive a 'eierlegende Wollmilchsau' a.k.a 'egg-laying woolly milk pig'. Thanks to all the all the folks at PIC for the thruth.Not one review on the internet for the Lifedrive is a honest one(including PIC's).The comments and the forums on PIC are great and have some old Palm loyalists who stop at nothing to callout a foul when it happens.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

How a blog grew into a one-stop-for-everything

Almost everyone who has an interest in gadgets and gizmo's knows and has been to Engadget. Well engadget started off as a blog and as more people "joined" in to contribute news snippets,Peter Rojas added more people as blog-editor's and section editor's.Today Engadget is way way ahead of sites life which, at one point was the one-stop for all tech related news.In fact the CES 2006 coverage of Engadget is the best out there The death of the 800lb gorilla. A similar thing is happening in the realm of computer games.A couple of years back gamespot and gamespy were the gorilla's feeding on most of the advert revenue.Today it's Joystiq.And, best part is, Joystiq is a sister-website of Engadget and both are funded by AOL. When I got my PSP in May 2005,the only sites for news were Gamespot and Gamespy, they were the ones who carried the major announcements and the game release/reviews/previews. Around June-July, I was introduced to a barrage of PSP news/fan-sites. PSP-Hacks,PSP-Hacker(now PSPUpdates). PSPUpdates today has become the Engadget of PSP news.Not only news, it now boasts of PSP File Hosting, A developer forum and subscriptions.It today is the 800-lb gorilla for the PSP.It all started as a "blog". Long live the gorilla killers!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Not if anything to say about it, I have.

You scored as Yoda.



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Monday, January 23, 2006

Not an Eldar, but...

Close enough. Rohirrim

To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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Friday, January 20, 2006

A day with a millionaire

Friday 20, Mark Shuttleworth visited Infosys.Cool.

Started off as a normal day, munched through e-mails,started my music player and then I realised I had to meet a millionaire today.Off I ran to meet Mark Shuttleworth from HBD Venture Capital.

Mark created what's getting to be the best Desktop Linux Distribution available.Mahendra and NK where there too.Had a FOSS discussion,lunch, a tour of the InfyLUG lab and finally took Mark to meet the SetLabs' Xen HPC/Virtualization team.We sat down and discussed how InfyLUG uses Debian on it's servers and how we are eagerly awaiting the release of Ubuntu Server. Also got to meet Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical Ltd, the company behind Ubuntu Linux.I just had to congratulate her on their excellent 'Shipit' programme, has certainly helped FOSS in India a lot.

Keep up the great work,You guys rock!

You can find more photos here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


When the Head of your Delivery Unit(that's synonymous with a department in Infosys) comes over and asks you what podcast you listen to, what do you tell him ? I blurted out.. This week in Tech Manager: Is it good ? Me: errr.... Yes, the best tech podcast. Manager: Cool, send me the link. Me: (whew!) :)

Airtel, no more

I've discontinued my Airtel GSM Subscription. Yes, after 6 years of being a loyal Airtel user, I've switched over to Hutch. Let me take this oppurtunity to have a moment of peace with my trustworthy Airtel SIM card. ........ 9886980172, Welcome to your new home,the SE k750i. Let's see how long this relationship lasts.

Monday, January 16, 2006

EP9312 progress

Ironed out a few minor issues with the board. I can now use the framebuffer as the console after using the vanilla LCD Display driver for the framebuffer.A Debian startup never looked more beautiful. Idea is to create a custom Debian Distro out of this for multimedia based systems. Let's see.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I made the right choice!

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Moi est Francais

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What's that title you ask ? Well I wanted to put in a blog entry, so I was thinking of what's going on in the past few days and wanted to come up with a good Title.Then I remembered that I needed to talk about a lot of stuff and couldn't categorize it into any "Section".Hence the "..." EP9312 Lot of interesting stuff happening on the ARM board.I managed to get OPIE working after fixing the touchscreen bug.OPIE really is beautiful.It's a clone of Qtopia from Trolltech but fully GPL'ed and beautiful.It's amazing to see such applications run on the framebuffer.And using the touchscreen rocks. Hard-Disk woes Struggled with an antique 10 GB HDD yesterday.Creating a new partition on the disk and then trying to mount it failed with an '/dev/hdX is already mounted or /mnt/disk is busy' error.Could'nt figure it out till the end.Neither could any of my friends from ILUGC ;) It ended well in the end and I managed to get Debian to load on the ARM board.Yes! Debian even runs on ARM. W00t! Last week was Satty's B'day.Happy Birthday Satty!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Like a Rolling Stone

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?

- Bob Dylan "Like a Rolling Stone"

Today,This is the song of the day for me.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

In chennai with family. :)

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