Monday, December 12, 2005

[Work] Working at Bangalore, I'm finally home

It's been a week since I moved to Infosys Bangalore and work seems to be really cool here.Main reason being I now also work for InfyLUG(Infosys Linux Users Group).I usually spend my evenings in the lab.The lab is a great place for a geek.

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The one week that I've been here I've learnt a lot."learnt" I guess is the wrong word,"more hands-on knowledge" is the apt word.All the stuff I learnt through HOWTO's and Books are now being put to practical use.

Take PHP for example.I've always hated PHP.But there's now a requirement in one of our internal projects to implement LDAP authentication for Drupal.The ldap module that ships with Drupal was not working out with Infosys LDAP servers.I just sat and rewrote my own LDAP "module" which takes care of authentication.

Server Administration is another thing which I've never done, as for long I've only been a Desktop (l)user.Now I find new joy in admining servers.Each one of these servers runs some POC or the other.

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Oh yeah.One last thing.Below is the picture of my workstation(s) in the lab.If you wondering, yes those are 21" monitors.

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I missed photos of Bangalore DC the last time I talked about it.Well I don't have now except for these.

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Oh yes, Infy yesterday celebrated "Petit Infoscion Day".Its the day of the year at infosys wherein the employees bring in their kids to the Infosys campus and a huge celebration is planned.I don't know why this is not held during Children's Day.

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Finally work here is so interesting that I end up coming on Sunday's too.Take this guy for example:

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Satish, writes multimedia software for Freescale mobile development boards.Late nights, when my eyes just can't stay open I go to his cubile to watch him write encoding software.One day he hopes, his code will be in every mobile phone coming out from Korea.

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That's me on a Sunday evening.At Home.At Infosys.

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