Sunday, November 20, 2005

Shopping Spree

Spencer Plaza

Spent yesterday Shopping for clothing at Spencer's Plaza.I'm returning to Spencer's after years.Nothing has changed much.It's still the same teen crowd.Come to think of it,Spencer's is the T.Nagar for the youth.Whereas T.Nagar area is usually crowded by middle aged people who are shopping around for jewellery or "sarees",Spenser's nowdays is filled with teenagers and office-goers who come to the mall to meet-up with friends.It's a really huge mall,and consists of three phases which are interconnected in such a manner that the transition from one phase to another is seemless.If you are in chennai at anytime it's well worth a visit, for the antique shops and the traditional clothing alone.It's located on Mount Road and any auto driver will take you there.

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So yes,what did I get,got a couple of jeans and tee-shirts.My last pair of jeans were torn last week,poor jeans could'nt take the torture anymore.They managed to last for around 3 years and I guess they have fulfilled all their life's goals.

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Spent the evening with some Pepsi and a plate of Samosa Channa and watching the masses go about doing their shopping.


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Each time I go to Spencer's I take a pledge that I will not enter the Provogue Showroom.Each time I have failed.zI'm a sucker for Provogue clothing.The provogue curse was in full effect yesterday and I managed to get some clothes.I love the colours which Provogue throws out every six months.Ohh, before I finish,I also paid a little visit to Southpark on my way back.Here's my pic,taken at Southpark Elementary. :P

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Happy Birthday to me!

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