Friday, November 18, 2005

Google Blogoscoped

I'm a google fanboy! I love the way they work and am fascinated by how such a huge company can churn out innovation at such a rapid rate while remaining true to it's ideals of "Do no Evil".Google Blogoscope is a blog about Google run by Philipp Lenssen.He is another Google fanboy.Here's what he has to say about Google.

"I believe Google is important because it serves as our pair of eyes in this virtual world. It is also a key to human knowledge and our global consciousness. It has the power to shape the thinking of millions of people hundreds of times everyday. Google isn't just a search engine; by adding more and more services (like Orkut, Google Talk, Blogger, Gmail, Google Desktop Search, Google Groups, Google Maps, Froogle, and Google Answers) it is quickly becoming the desktop of the future, and an extension to our brains."

Yes, I truly agree with his views.I once used to be a Yahoo guy.Y! messenger,Y! mail ,groups,briefcase are now replaced by Google's services.It's totally remarkable.The transition happened so smoothly that I did'nt even notice it taking place.Today irrespective of whether I'm on Windows(at office) or on Linux(at home) Google is the only unifying factor.

Coming back to G-Blogoscoped news tidbits can be contributed to this blog through the forum or through mail. Sometime back I did contribute to G-Blogoscoped.Here's my entry.It was a "bug" I found with Google search while I was playing around.

Philipp also works closely with Google but he is no "insider".You can find some G-Blogoscoped exclusive interviews with famous Googlers like Matt Cutts and at the same time the blog is not restricted to Google alone.Philipp also is in the process of writing his first Google Book "55 Ways to have fun with Google".So if you are interested in having a close eye on Google I suggest you subscribe to Google Blogoscoped.

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