Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Google Analytics

I just implemented Google's latest service Google Analytics on my blog.This will let me know how many people(if any) visit my blog and read it.I did it just to play around with Google Analytics.

This is how G-A works,you use you Google id to sign in(duh!) and register a domain under your Analytics account.Next you are given a piece of code which needs to be embedded on every page of your site.I guess this can also be embedded into the page template which will be used for each of your pages.Ok, so I managed to stick it into my blogger template in between the tags.Next G-A queries your domain to check if the javascript caode has been implemented in the right way.This took some time for me.After that, the reports generation process starts which usually takes around 12 hours for the reports to be generated.You can then access the reports from the GA website.

Features of GA are availabe as Views.Three views are available;Executive,Marketer and Webmaster.I'll explain Executive View first.The following are the features available in Executive View:

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Executive Overview

This includes Reports on Number of visits and Pageviews,A World map to display from which regions the visits are coming in,and New and returning visits.

Conversion Summary

This view gives you the data on whether the number of visits have increaed or decreased over a particular time frame.

Marketing Summary

Gives information on the marketing efforts taken for your domain.How the top keywords,sources and Campaigns have affected the popularity of the site.

Content Summary

This feature gives you information on how the content on your website has helped in retaining visitors to your site.Again this is for a set time frame and gives you comparison data in weeks.

When one chooses the Webmaster view you get some interesting stats like Browser usage,Platform info,Hostnames and other parameters of your visitors .

All of the above mentioned reports can be exported to plaintext,XML or MS Excel worksheets.You can also set the date range for harvesting the stats to fill in your reports.

All in all this is a very good statistics service which can be easily implemented to all the pages on your site which you need to keep track of.It comes with chokeful of features and above all as is in all things Google it's free!A little overkill for a blog which nobody reads but I'm having some fun exploring GA's features.

I'll rate it 4.5 stars out of 5.

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At 4:12 AM, November 17, 2005, Anonymous Praveen said...

The reports generated so far for my website is mostly incomplete even after 48 hours of installation. Maybe I should wait for somemore time :-)

At 10:12 AM, November 17, 2005, Blogger Dhil said...

tgood machee, dhil

At 10:50 AM, November 18, 2005, Blogger Toufeeq said...

Yes even my reports are not quite "real-time".It seems to be lagging by atleast 2 days.But I do like the features which they provide.


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