Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I'm (was never) not a part of the Indian Blogsphere community.In fact I consider myself as just a "fly on the wall" when it comes to the Indian blogging community. But **THIS** made me sit up and wonder at the strength of this community.Keep up the good work guys(Just scroll down to the end and have a look at the links section). Again I have nothing against IIPM,just that ethics today in Indian Education have hit an all-time low.Someone has to stand up aginst it,Go team, "Indian Blogsphere". This is my third post on IIPM and I hope this is the last one. And.. Gaurav Sabnis, RESPECT! /me pounds chest with fist. btw, Gaurav Sabnis' blog is on page 3 for a search of "IIPM" on Google. :) UPDATE: Technorati is now listing "IIPM" keyword as the number uno search term. I managed to get a screenshot,in case it slips. Hey, that's above the video I-pod which Jobs released yesterday.Man, this is crazy. UPDATE : Want to support,but don't have a blog? Sign the petition.


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