Sunday, October 02, 2005

My OPML Feedlist

Lately I've been listening to podcasts a lot.Ofcourse this is mixed with my habit of reading RSS feeds.When I started, I used to subscribe to almost any podcast I could lay my mouse now.That changed soon enough when I found out that 99% of the podcasts out there are useless.It's very important that you select the best from the bunch. To help you guys out, here's my selectin of podcasts/RSS feeds.The list of podcasts comes as a feed-list in a .opml file.A opml file is just a collection of RSS feed URL's in a single file that can be picked up by a RSS feed aggregator.Just import the OPML file into your Pod-Feed aggregator like iPodder or iTunes and you'll be good to go.On Linux I ues Liferea to download podcasts and read RSS feeds, this file was exported through Liferea so it should work fine too for Liferea. My feedlist is basically heavily into OSS and Games/Tech. Some of the podcasts on that list include : TWIT,Engadget and LugRadio. Some of the Music based podcasts are the "Bandtrax" podcasts and the "Rock and Roll [Indie]Geek Show".I've not included them in the list as I've stopped listening to them due to lack of time but you can google for them and subscribe. Ohh, before I forget here's the link to my feedlist. Have fun, and let me know if you comes across some other podcasts.


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