Saturday, October 22, 2005

Flock: Blog Editor

Posting this entry from the new Flock Browser.

Flock is based on the Firefox 1.5 beta "Deerpark" build but this looks quite stable for normal day to day use.It's really cool,makes life easier for the person who is into RSS feeds and blogging.Currently I'm posting this entry from the in-built "Blog Editor" extension for flock.
Flock also comes with an extension called "Shelf" which is basically like a clipboard.Find any good image or piece of text which is "bloggable",just drag and drop it into the shelf and you can use it later when you feel like blogging about it.

Extensions for Flock are currently limited,but all the main ones seem to be either in-built into the browser or can be installed from Flock's Extend page.


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