Friday, October 28, 2005

Broadband Internet Guide

I've been a broadband user for the last one year.I use the unlimited 128kbps Airtel Plan which costs around 799/mo.In addition to this I also use a DAX "ethernet-modem" for the ADSL connection.However when I was researching for what connection to go into,there was very little information available.All that has changed.Today one can find lot's of information on the Indian Broadband Scenario.

I'll be listing out the links one needs to check out to if one is in the market for a new Broadband connection.

First off,is The Chennailug Wiki.Though it's chennai specific it has some important information on all the amjor ISP's which operate in India,

Of note, are these pages of the wiki;

Chennai Broadband Guide : Details all the ISP's which operate in Chennai and their contact information.


BSNL Web Installation Guide

BSNL Broadband

Airtel USB Modem : Installation guidelines for installing the Airtel USB modem drivers.

Next,is the Unofficial BSNL FAQ done by Kingsley.

Hope someone finds the above links useful.If you find other links please comment them below and I'll update the entry.


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