Monday, October 31, 2005


Currently sitting at home watching the India-Sri Lanka cricket match.I've also got some to work which has to be completed by evening and that's where my TV tuner really shines.Two days of holidays for Deewali,tomorrow I've to spend some time with relatives so need to take lot of rest today.


Mahendra Dhoni is the find-of-the-year for the Indian Team ,his innings today reminds me of the great carribean batsmen of the 80's.Strong powerful guy with some really nifty footwork.As I write this Dhoni is taking Chandana for a ride around the Park.Dhoni finally got is 150 and India looks well on it's way to a 3-0 lead in the Videocon Cup.Yubraj Singh is worst spin playing batsmen in India,he plays a great shot against Vaas but get's clean bowled by a part time spinner.

Quake 4

Got Quake4 yesterday,this game is such an improvement over DOOM 3.First off,the lighting is much better,lighting in DOOM was the best part with dark corners and monsters jumping out of hidden chambers,in Q4 the shadow and lighting is being done with the onus on the warfield.Shadows are gorgeous even on my almost outdated GeForce FX 5950XT card.The Strogg(the enemies) are also amazing with some high polygon count models and some decent AI.Basically the Strogg AI, is to run into position,do a hop-skip-and-jump and then dash towards the player.I've still not been stoggi-fied

Gamer Demographics of Half-Life 2 : Some interesting facts.

I also hurt my knee yesterday so I'm currently on painkillers and need some rest.Ah! I need some fresh air, off for a walk.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Google Base

I'm not going to tell you what Google Base is.You can find that out yourself from here.What I am going to tell you is that for a very brief period this service of Google was online,i.e it was usable to the public.Here's proof.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Broadband Internet Guide

I've been a broadband user for the last one year.I use the unlimited 128kbps Airtel Plan which costs around 799/mo.In addition to this I also use a DAX "ethernet-modem" for the ADSL connection.However when I was researching for what connection to go into,there was very little information available.All that has changed.Today one can find lot's of information on the Indian Broadband Scenario.

I'll be listing out the links one needs to check out to if one is in the market for a new Broadband connection.

First off,is The Chennailug Wiki.Though it's chennai specific it has some important information on all the amjor ISP's which operate in India,

Of note, are these pages of the wiki;

Chennai Broadband Guide : Details all the ISP's which operate in Chennai and their contact information.


BSNL Web Installation Guide

BSNL Broadband

Airtel USB Modem : Installation guidelines for installing the Airtel USB modem drivers.

Next,is the Unofficial BSNL FAQ done by Kingsley.

Hope someone finds the above links useful.If you find other links please comment them below and I'll update the entry.

Chennai Rain

Let me update you from my side on how the chennai rains affected me.Here's a look at the road outside my home before the rains and after the Thursday rains.

Before the Rains

Flickr Photo

After the Rains

Flickr Photo

I spent most of the day in bed,listening to Alanis Morissette and Vertical Horizon.

Flickr Photo

And this was my view of the world for the whole day.

Flickr Photo

In the evening I tried to go out for a walk.Here's a picture of the street leading to my home.

Flickr Photo

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chennai::Brought to a grinding halt

Every once in five years Chennai and the Weather gods need to clear out some bad blood.Everytime the gods win.Today was no exception.The whole city was brought to a grinding halt due to torrential rains. All roads were flooded and power was cut to almost all parts of the city due to fear of electrocution.Power however is back now but Chennai is still trying to come to grips with the situation.All colleges/schools declared it a holiday.Infosys chennai was also closed. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Flock: Blog Editor

Posting this entry from the new Flock Browser.

Flock is based on the Firefox 1.5 beta "Deerpark" build but this looks quite stable for normal day to day use.It's really cool,makes life easier for the person who is into RSS feeds and blogging.Currently I'm posting this entry from the in-built "Blog Editor" extension for flock.
Flock also comes with an extension called "Shelf" which is basically like a clipboard.Find any good image or piece of text which is "bloggable",just drag and drop it into the shelf and you can use it later when you feel like blogging about it.

Extensions for Flock are currently limited,but all the main ones seem to be either in-built into the browser or can be installed from Flock's Extend page.

Friday, October 21, 2005


I'm currently trying out a Firefox derivative browser called Flock.I plan to use Flock for most of my Web2.0 activities and vanilla firefox for Web1.0 activities.Flock looks really good and I'm saure I'll slowly be migrating over from the fox to the flock.I'll also try to get in a review soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Way is a year old

Yes.October 2004 was when this blog started and it has been fun blogging.I guess there should be around 60 posts in total.That's almost 5/month.Not bad for someone who felt that his blogging journey would end in a couple of months. Another person who started at around the same time was TheRadiohead.Wish him a Happy Birthday too.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I'm (was never) not a part of the Indian Blogsphere community.In fact I consider myself as just a "fly on the wall" when it comes to the Indian blogging community. But **THIS** made me sit up and wonder at the strength of this community.Keep up the good work guys(Just scroll down to the end and have a look at the links section). Again I have nothing against IIPM,just that ethics today in Indian Education have hit an all-time low.Someone has to stand up aginst it,Go team, "Indian Blogsphere". This is my third post on IIPM and I hope this is the last one. And.. Gaurav Sabnis, RESPECT! /me pounds chest with fist. btw, Gaurav Sabnis' blog is on page 3 for a search of "IIPM" on Google. :) UPDATE: Technorati is now listing "IIPM" keyword as the number uno search term. I managed to get a screenshot,in case it slips. Hey, that's above the video I-pod which Jobs released yesterday.Man, this is crazy. UPDATE : Want to support,but don't have a blog? Sign the petition.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Random Musings

A list of things to talk about: 1. IIPM rager:The outburst against IIPM seems to caught on on the Indian Blogsphere.Well good to see that.The last time when I posted about IIPM I did'nt know the Indian bloggers were fighting a war aginst IIPM,I posted just because I wanted to and not to prove any point.Anyway, good,here are a few more links. 2. Web 2.0 Con is currently taking place. 3. I must be the first Indian to have watched the movie Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children.If you think that's a tall claim,think again,it's a Japanese anime flick which released on September 15 and is based on a Playstation game.It's much better than any of the Matrix trilogy flicks in terms of over-the-top-direction and action. 4. Oh yes!, started a new project on sourceforge.It's a Rule Engine based Product Configurator.Just a hobby project,code available only through CVS and maybe I'm the only person who can run it at present.Well, that's because code is so nascent. :) More on pypbm later

Sunday, October 09, 2005

IIPM is a fraud

before you get psyched by the high-funda IIPM ads here are a few links to consider about IIPM.Pass it along to your friends and make sure ethics are still intact in the MBA educational field. blogs: blogger gets sued more about IIPM IIPM-Exposed blog websites: jam mag on IIPM IIPM placement IIPM degree pass on the links,blog about it and spread gyaan. If those links go offline try Google cache.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

My OPML Feedlist

Lately I've been listening to podcasts a lot.Ofcourse this is mixed with my habit of reading RSS feeds.When I started, I used to subscribe to almost any podcast I could lay my mouse now.That changed soon enough when I found out that 99% of the podcasts out there are useless.It's very important that you select the best from the bunch. To help you guys out, here's my selectin of podcasts/RSS feeds.The list of podcasts comes as a feed-list in a .opml file.A opml file is just a collection of RSS feed URL's in a single file that can be picked up by a RSS feed aggregator.Just import the OPML file into your Pod-Feed aggregator like iPodder or iTunes and you'll be good to go.On Linux I ues Liferea to download podcasts and read RSS feeds, this file was exported through Liferea so it should work fine too for Liferea. My feedlist is basically heavily into OSS and Games/Tech. Some of the podcasts on that list include : TWIT,Engadget and LugRadio. Some of the Music based podcasts are the "Bandtrax" podcasts and the "Rock and Roll [Indie]Geek Show".I've not included them in the list as I've stopped listening to them due to lack of time but you can google for them and subscribe. Ohh, before I forget here's the link to my feedlist. Have fun, and let me know if you comes across some other podcasts.

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