Friday, July 22, 2005

CLI rocks

Command line interface rocks.. I'm currently blogging using vi and w3m. This is how computers are meant to be. I guess I now realize the age old UNIX philosophies of "Do one thing and do it best" and "Keep it simple Stupid"(KISS). Well this is cool. I can now blog from work without needing a browser. Ah! work, Today my work involves reviwing around 10 code Specifications and reworking my code for another 10. Come to think of it I've not blogged much about my work.Well now I guess I can with w3m. BTW, My work involves developing an application for Boeing which is used by Boeing's engineers to configure Airplanes. If you have any guesses on the name of this application I guess the name "Configurator" would have come to mind. Well that's the name of the Application. I've said too much.This is Boeing Internal Information. gtg..


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