Sunday, June 26, 2005

Goth Metal: Off late I've picked up Goth Metal. Well not goth per se, but Female vocalist based Goth Metal. I have had my earlier dosage of Theatre of Tragedy and the "Hamlet for a Slothful Vassel" is still a great song and is a regular on my playlists. The past month I have been googling a lot on Goth Metal, and the results are good. There's avery active community for this genre of metal. The best site I've come across so far is MillarWorld. Another good site is SonicCathedral which deals with *only* femme vocals based Goth Metal. Currently I'm hooked onto Nightwish and Leave's Eyes. I'm really in love with Liv Kristine's(Leave's Eyes) vocals.Liv was ex-vocalist on ToT and also did a number with CoF for Nymphetamine.She is really good and with the good blend of Goth she has to be the goth vocalist on the scene. The Nightwish chick has more haunting vocals but Nightwish comes across as a more mature band with better song struncture and mature lyrics. Also there's a good radio station available for Goth at: Goth Metal


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