Sunday, March 20, 2005

Mrs. Humaira Dayaan

Why do people grow up so soon ? It just seems like yesterday that me and Humaira used to play together in primary school. Today, I saw her as a bride, as decked up as a pretty doll on stage and waiting to start a great future. I wish her all the luck. She was the sister I never had. Though we did'nt talk for hours on the phone, we shared a special fraternal bond. It was her marraige today at the Taj. Niranjana, Shravan and Nithin came. Anyway, I guess life moves on. Oh! here's a pic I'm gonna miss her. No more fights/outings/fun.

LOL! Atheists

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I've switched back to the Blogger>Dashboard interface from gnome-blog.Why? gnome-blog was not getting the title's of the blog right. gnome-blog's seems to be more compatible with Live Journal. Anyway, here are my results on a Google Search Search for "toufeeq" this blog is the fifth hit.There's seems to be a Lebanese pop music star also by the name of toufeeq, Ehad Toufeeq who is hogging all the limelight away from me. toufeeq on google this search produces 2,220 results toufeeq hussain on google this search gives 1320 results. Now for the stuff that matters: Search on Google/Linux: toufeeq on Google/Linux produces 11 results. ho hum, atleast I'm google-ble :)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

'tis been a long time

whoa! more than a month and no posts. Well a lot happened in the last month. First,Another talk for GNU/Linux Vidhyashram, this time it was a basic intro to GNOME and how GARNOME can be used for building GNOME. Talk went well but not a good turnout. All in all we have 5 people. That's pathetic. Then... umm.. Yeah the Cyrix II lives again. yay! It now runs NetBSD.NBSD is sweeet.. barebone BSD with good performance. My /dump and /work partitions got wiped out, that means the whole Season of "Joey" is lost. Must get it back from Faisal. :-(

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