Monday, January 03, 2005


This is how the breakup/ %complete of the Scheduler Talk looks like: Still a long way to go. 4 days more. :P *************************************************************************** Here's the breakup of the talk: STATUS I OS Basics 10mins * What is a Scheduler? <-done * Process Scheduler Introduction <-done * I/O Scheduler <-done * Multitasking/Types <-done *Co-operative Multitasking <-done *Preemptive Multitasking <-done II Process Scheduler(sched.c) 10 mins * Types of Processes <-done *CPU bound <-done *I/O bound <-done * Process Priority <-done *Introduction <-done *Priority Types <-done * Timeslice <-done III Scheduling Algorithm 20 mins <-done *Datastructure for the Scheduler -Runqueue <-done *Priority Arrays in the Scheduler <-done *Calculating Dynamic Priorities <-done --*Kernel Preemption and Context Switching:Re-visited * schedule() *Kernel Scheduler Types *O(n) Scheduler 2.4 kernel Scheduler *O(1) Scheduler 2.6 kernel Scheduler *Staircase Scheduler 2.6.X-ckX kernel Scheduler


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At 12:35 PM, January 05, 2005, Blogger adel said...

Interview with Martin Michlmayr (Debian Project Leader)


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