Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Airtel Problems and Half Life 2 Nirvana

I've been trying to configure NAT(Network Address Translocation) support into the Airtel Router for a couple of days now. All attempts till now have led to failure. -cko patchset is another area where I'm meeting a lot of failures. Compiles fine but refuses to boot. Think I'll have to say bye-bye to supermount and then give it a try. Kernel Panics and spits out the following: Cannot mount root on Half Life 2 has been the saving grace for me in the past two days. The game is great. Tried Couter Strike Source Online. Feels good, though I've been playing with a ping of 200+ , still I never miss the chance to try out an Online Multiplayer Game. City 17 is gorgeous. VALVE has done it once again. Game lacks the depth of its prequel. Anyway, whose bothered about that when I can see my own reflection getting refracted in a pond as soon as I throw a rock in the pond. Thank You NVIDIA!


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