Monday, December 27, 2004

Rumors ... Part II

All rumors regarding M.Karunanidhi are false. Oh.. and... work on the Scheduler Presentation is going good. Will be finished soon. :)


Chennai seems to getting one shock after another. First it was the devastating Tsunami which rocked most of South East Asia, leaving 2500 dead in India alone. Second, there is unconfirmed news that ex-Chief Minister K.Karunanidhi is dead. Seems, he was admitted into Apollo Hospital in the morning and he passed away. There is no confirmation in the media. Seems like they are waiting for the right time to divulge the news. Its sad times in TamilNadu.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Midnight Ramblings

Lot is happening around me nowdays, feels kinda spooky :) Here's a list: ** Work is interesting, its totally different that I'm sneaking off early from work ** The Con Kolivas Kernel patchset is going great. Great Interactvity and I finally have a stable kernel from the -rc tree ** Holidays are in. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Damn its 2005 already. ** I'm slowly moving to the 100% OSS LIfestyle. If not for Half LIfe 2, I'm there.It's been months now since I got any _work_ done on Windows. And, here are a couple of PLanets which I think Every Linux user will love reading ** Planet Debian and ** PLanet GNOME Happy Hacking

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Brother Blue

Q. What to you get when you combine Apple and IBM? A. IBM. This could very well become true according to this LinuxWorld article. We could see the old triad Motorola/IBM/Apple form a one last alliance to defeat Microsoft. Let's wait and see.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Google Suggest Post Mortemed

Reverse Engineering is still alive and kicking thanks to Chris Justus the guy who has Dissected the Google Suggest Javascript. Now other web developers can incorporate this great technology in their web sites. The full code can be obtained from here.

Adsense makes Sense

This blog now runs on Adsense Advertising. Scroll down below to have a glimpse. Well it says it's a good way to make some money from your blog. How this is gonna happen I don't know. Well, Yu can help by clicking on on of those ads and send me a few dollars :) Going back to Half Life 2

Friday, December 17, 2004

Adel Anwar

My good friend and college mate Adel has his website/blog up on Blogspot. I don't understand his obsession with the colour white, but it sure is neat and clean. Nice one man. One thing, why ASP? when you have PHP/Plone.

Thanks to Yahoo Domains I now have a domain name to call my own. people can visit, sad part is they will be re-directed to this page. Well sorry guys, this will have to do till I can decide upon my web hosting plan or my next pay check ;) Btw, played some HL2 yesterday, the river boat stage rocked. This game beats Doom III hands down when it comes to outdoor environments. Come to think of it Doom 3 has *no* outdoor environments. Well I'm currently hunting for a web hosting plan that won't burn a large hole in my pocket. This looks good ->

Thursday, December 16, 2004

The System has Surely Failed

Have been listening to Megadeth's new Album "The System Has Failed". Well I'm really disappointed. The Trash Metal System has surely Failed. This album is no way even close to being a Megadeth Album. It's just barely manages to beat Risk (thank god) but is still miles away from the quality of Rust in Peace. First Metallica now Megadeth have fallen. Well, I'm thankful that Dave Mustaine is back to doing what he does best, play kickass solo's. Some nice solo's on TSHF . For now its back to Cradle of Filth and Slayer.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Airtel Problems and Half Life 2 Nirvana

I've been trying to configure NAT(Network Address Translocation) support into the Airtel Router for a couple of days now. All attempts till now have led to failure. -cko patchset is another area where I'm meeting a lot of failures. Compiles fine but refuses to boot. Think I'll have to say bye-bye to supermount and then give it a try. Kernel Panics and spits out the following: Cannot mount root on Half Life 2 has been the saving grace for me in the past two days. The game is great. Tried Couter Strike Source Online. Feels good, though I've been playing with a ping of 200+ , still I never miss the chance to try out an Online Multiplayer Game. City 17 is gorgeous. VALVE has done it once again. Game lacks the depth of its prequel. Anyway, whose bothered about that when I can see my own reflection getting refracted in a pond as soon as I throw a rock in the pond. Thank You NVIDIA!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Riding the Broadband Wave

Well I finally have a 128 kbps unlimited line. That explains the 3 hours of sleep which i had this weekend. Life is great, I don't need sleep. Within 24 hrs i managed to almost fully upgrade my Sarge Debian Distro. I got garnome working for the first time in my life. GARNOME currently adornes my desktop. The new menu system is awesome. Currently, I'm trying to get the -cko patchset working on Sarge. More updates on this laterzzz topa

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